Legrand: Security, Simplicity, and Occupant Comfort Will Define the Building Control Systems Industry in 2019

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor (Hotels)
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Experts in building control technologies from Legrand, North and Central America® continuously look ahead to the trends and innovations that are shaping the Building Control Systems (BCS) market. For 2019 Legrand expects security, simplicity, occupant productivity and well-being to be major trends. These are themes that have long been included in the discussion when designing building control systems. These and upcoming building energy codeupdates will likely have a heavy impact on the products and solutions released in the coming year.

Wireless Digital Lighting Security – The Wattstopper® Wireless Digital Lighting Management(DLM) system allows for a simple, secure, and flexible (wired, wireless, hybrid) lighting setup in all types of commercial layouts. Security is a top concern in wireless deployments as the number of connected devices increase and the flow of data travelling through buildings becomes more complex. Legrand, for example, worked to include device authentication, zero touch encryption provisioning, lighting network isolation, cloud authentication, AES encryption, and over-the-air firmware updates within its own Wireless DLM system.

In 2019, similar approaches to security will occur across more products. This will help the electrical and lighting industries lead the IoT revolution in the built environment. To ensure security for all customers, Legrand experts plan to utilize every opportunity in 2019 to educate the market from helping electricians understand new competencies of IoT to supporting facility managers in choosing the most secure solution for their facility.

Human Centric Lighting – Legrand’s partnership with Lumileds announced at the end of 2018 is an example of how Human Centric Lighting (HCL) is set to accelerate in 2019. Lumileds’ award-winning LUXEON LED-based Matrix Platform combined Wattstopper blanco® tunable white LED light enginewill help bring a simple-to-integrate and easy-to-install plug and play solution that delivers high quality tunable-white light. The partnership combines expertise in LED light sources, drivers, and controls, along with the blanco intellectual property from Lumenetix, Inc.

Tunable lighting is part of a larger shift towards high-performance buildings and focus on occupant comfort and productivity. Legrand and partners are enabling a more robust ecosystem and developing solutions that reduce system complexities to deliver the highest quality and most natural tunable lighting available.

Shading Systems – Shading systems continue to be one of the most important aspects of daylight harvesting strategies. Designed for seamless integration with the Wattstopper Architectural Dimming PlatformSolarfective® shading systems help facilities provide optimal lighting and comfortable, productive environments in healthcare, education, and corporate facilities.

In 2019, Legrand’s Shading Systems will continue to grow with innovative products made for both the commercial and residential sectors. Customers will be able to enjoy optimized lighting, energy savings, and a more balanced circadian rhythm by taking advantage of natural light whether they are at home or at work. Upcoming products will help customers seamlessly upgrade their manual shades to a motorized solution to work either independently or integrated with a larger control system.

Combined Solutions for Successful Occupant Outcomes – A combination of solutions, such as HCL and shading systems, will become more popular in the coming year as businesses realize the benefits these complete and integrated offerings bring to occupants.