Matrix's New Solutions Include Network Video Recorder  

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor - Restaurants
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Matrix will be unveiling its recently launched eXtreme series of Network Video Recorder (NVR) at HITEC Houston booth 1613.

This NVR is equipped with 4K decoding capacity and characteristics like Cascading (up to 20 NVRs), camera-wise recording retention and database level integration. It also has high resolution recording, playback, and simultaneous local and remote monitoring along with storage retention for higher number of days. Moreover, these latest NVRs are also backed with an intelligent software that helps detect threats and send instant notifications for Real-time Security.

Matrix will also be showcasing its People Mobility Management solution for the hospitality segment. It can help manage multiple branches from a single location, track and manage multiple shifts of employees and manage access within premises. Based on organization requirement, Matrix provides optimized shift planning, which enables admin schedule shifts to either an individual or a group of employees.  

In the Telecom domain, Matrix will be exhibiting ETERNITY NX and Hospitality solution that helps enhance guest experience and services, make staff more productive and streamline back office or administrative processes.