Milwaukee Hotel Implements Energy Management Platform

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor (Hotels)
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Telkonet, Inc., creator of the EcoSmart platform of intelligent automation solutions, announced the successful implementation of the EcoSmart platform throughout the Ambassador Hotel in Milwaukee, WI. The Ambassador Hotel has been in operation since 1928 and celebrated its 90th birthday in May 2018.  The Ambassador has served as host to famous guests such as John F. Kennedy and the Beatles. With all the historic charm and period revival architecture, owner Rick Wiegand has also invested in modern technology.

Telkonet is proud to have upgraded the Ambassador’s guest room controls with its’ EcoSmart Energy Management platform. “The choice to place EcoSmart in the Ambassador was made based on its’ ability to ensure our guests are comfortable at all times,” Wiegand stated.

Utilizing the EcoInsight Plus thermostat paired with the EcoSense Plus PIR occupancy sensor and PMS integration, the Ambassador fully embraced Telkonet’s Energy Management System. The system was fully installed and set up across 176 rooms in just four days by Telkonet and Jason Freyburger at Wicked Networks, LLC.

“A building as historic as the Ambassador can present challenges when it comes to modern technology. We really like the flexibility of the EcoSmart platform and its’ ability to work with a broad range of voltage,” Wiegand stated. “Everything else we have ever seen was typically 24 volt. I also like the ability to access the software from anywhere in the building or even from home, as it’s cloud based. It also interfaces with our PMS system, which gives us tighter control over guest comfort and energy savings.”

Additionally, The Ambassador is using Telkonet’s EcoCentral, a cloud-based data storage, reporting and analytics interface, to help fully experience true energy savings. Together, the EcoSmart energy management platform of wireless devices report back to EcoCentral. The energy monitoring system's data is analyzed and results in real-time reporting to track progress toward total efficiency goals.

The EcoSmart energy management platform helps keep guests comfortable while at the same time reducing guest room HVAC run time by 45%.