Snag Work Connects Hourly Staff to Open Shifts in Dallas

Snagajob, the platform for hourly work, announces the launch of Snag Work in Dallas, Texas. First launched in 2017, Snag Work is an on-demand platform which instantly connects employers with workers looking to fill open shifts in retail, restaurants, hospitality, entertainment, and distribution. By providing flexible hours, Snag Work enables businesses to stay staffed during peak seasons while workers are able to earn income and capitalize on the increased demand.

Companies working with the Snag Work platform in Dallas include small and large restaurant groups, retail locations and entertainment facilities. Local companies currently using Snag Work to fill shifts include Which Which, Hotel Indigo and Michael Johnson Performance Center.

Through Snag Work, Dallas employers are instantly connected with workers in the area who are pre-qualified with W2 status. This vetting process, ensures only top quality workers are picking up shifts. By streamlining the hiring process, Snag Work ensures employers are able to quickly find the right fit for almost any job shared, while helping workers find shifts that are best aligned with their skillset. Local workers are instantly connected with a variety of positions at businesses allowing them to work as little or as much as they prefer. They're able to control their schedule and get paid on a weekly basis. Snag Work employees are paid a minimum of $10, meaning they'll make at least 30 percent over minimum wage.