Tele2 and foodora Accelerate Testing of Delivery Robot

Doora is making food deliveries to a test group of customers in Stockholm.
Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor - Restaurants
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This week, Q-commerce company foodora and telecom operator Tele2 continue testing home deliveries with 5G technology in central Stockholm. In this next step, the robot "Doora" will begin making food deliveries to a test group of customers,.

Now the second phase of testing self-driving food deliveries in central Stockholm with the Q-commerce robot "Doora" begins. The first phase in mid-March began with letting Doora roll on the streets of Stockholm, with the autonomous robot being analyzed for its ability to work around objects and passers-by. Doora also underwent tests around handling pedestrian crossings and curbs.

In the next phase, which begins today, the tests continue with Doora delivering orders to customers via the foodora platform. foodora will analyze how well Doora works during collection and delivery, as well as collect feedback from partners and customers for the development of the service.

5G + IoT

- The first test with Doora exceeded expectations. Working with partners who are innovative and work quickly like us, is a good recipe. My hope for this week's tests is that we can soon start using the technology of the future with foodora, and that Doora can become a common sight on the streets of Sweden, as we have other similar projects that will soon be launched, says John Denbratt, Chief Logistics Officer foodora.

- As we prepare for the expansion of 5G in Sweden, we are working in parallel with several other exciting projects where we look at how we can take advantage of the full potential of 5G. This project that we are now doing together with foodora is clearly one of the most exciting and we will be able to use the concept when we look at other industries and areas of use, says Stefan Trampus, Executive Vice President, Tele2 B2B and IoT

By being connected to Tele2's 5G network, the Doora robot can perceive its surroundings, communicate and thus create a situation-adapted service: autonomou home deliveries. Doora has a camera that sends real-time information to foodora, which can track and trace the robot and quickly send data to and from Doora.

Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept now being applied to Swedish home deliveries.

Facts about the test

The Q-commerce droid Doora will  transport both food and other products weighing up to 20 kg. 

Facts about Doora

  • Speed: 6 km / h
  • Battery life: 8h
  • Charging time: 4h